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Bird's Claw & Evil Eye Pendant

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $60.00

This unique piece is sure to get a lot of attention.  Composed from the cast of a catbird claw holding a hand blown and hand painted blue glass eye. The bezel holding the eye was lathe turned for an exact fit.  The claw is cast in reclaimed assayed 100% pure reclaimed sterling sourced from a bonded US company and cast here in NYC.  It comes on an 18 inch silver chain.

Dimensions : the piece is just under 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm) long and 3/4 inches(1.90 cm) wide.

As always no creatures were harmed in any way in the creation of this piece.

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Many Eastern countries have a tradition of using the eye to ward off bad intentions or evil spirited entities. It is said that ill will stems from jealousy. The eye is used to turn back the evil thoughts of the eye of envy. There's something universally provocative about the eyeball imagery, and it seems that people are either really into them, or not at all.

You might ask, where did I get a catbird foot?  Well the little bird was no longer using it . There was no deep spiritual journey with this one, nor any exotic location.

I was out in the Hamptons with my girls staying with some of Megan's really nice, fancy friends. I have yet to have my own friends with a house out there and as you may have heard it's pretty upscale. I was really trying to be on my best behavior.

I was pushing the stroller through lovely Amagansett and happened upon a very recently deceased catbird.

Now, I love catbirds. As a boy my folks had encouraged my weird bird obsession and bought me a set of field guides. I could peel off the nesting habits and migrational patterns of the entire book at any moment.  These facts were often met with a sort of "oh that's nice" half smile in my football frantic town.  So I'm used to the odd looks.

Anyway, I was alone with the baby who was napping and I took a chance and made my move on the dead birdie. With multi tool that I often carry in my satchel (don't call it a purse) I quickly clipped his feet. I thought he needed a more proper burial. With that thought in mind our host rounded the corner. He looked at me and at the dead bird in hand. Busted.

I figured I would just play it straight up and told him I wanted to make a cast from the feet and use it as components in my work. So you know when dealing with normal people this kind of moment can really only go two ways. He looked at the claws in my hand and cocked his head. " Here it comes " I winced, prepared for the worst. " Hmm, that's really interesting,." he said. "You know my boyfriend found this really nice turtle skull. I wonder if you could work with that too?" Whew…. fellow oddballs come in all forms.

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