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Crow Wine Stop

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $60.00

This life sized crow skull was cast in solid metal and oxidized black. The metal cork unscrews from skull for cleaning. Using original hardware, the screw is hard soldered into a socket designed to fit it. This is a truly sturdy piece.

Specs : The crow skull and stopper measure 3.8 inches tall 96.5 mm. The stopper is .87 or 22 mm wide where the stopper fits into the bottle (industry standard for wine and liquor.) 

The skull itself is 3.19 inches 81mm long and 1.15 inches wide 29.3mm. 

Not likely to show up in the Martha Stewart collection any time soon. This is piece of bar hardware is for the collector of the unique who doesn't flinch at being perceived as a bit different. It's a great design element for a cabin, beach home or your Victorian apartment in New Orleans.

I filled and hold an exclusive copyright to this design. Copyright 2012 Blue Bayer Design NYC. All rights reserved.


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