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Cat's Eye Light Up Eye Custom Vape Made in NYC

by Blue Bayer Design NYC
Price $85.00

This unique vape unit is made by hand in NYC. As far as I know there is no one else as yet building these. I use a standard Phix vape and build on it. The unit fits neatly into the charger and none of the artwork interferes with the function.

What’s it made of ?  I have worked in this two part sculpt-able resin for 30 years. It’s tough stuff. I have used it to plug holes in the hull of my boat.
I’m tough on my equipment. You can drop this little guy as much as I do. You might scratch the finish but I thought of that as well. A touch of brown shoe polish will blend that right out.

I am making these one at a time and the one you see pictured is the style and elements you will receive. I like to have some artistic leeway and I don't want to make the same exact one over and over.  I have a very active Etsy shop but I can’t sell these on there. I’m a jeweler and sculpture with over 30 years in the trade.

By the way yes the eye on this one glows when you draw on it and when you plug it into the charger. The stones on this are a glass moonstone cab and vintage European rhinestones (circa 1950's).  There are no molds. This is done completely by hand.


Why do I make them ? Simple. I kept losing the darn black little minimalist booger in my studio ! Now that it has details and is not the same color as so much of the rest of my place I never lose it.
Minimalism is out maximalism is in. I read that in a recent fashion trend blog. You heard it here third.

Does it slip onto my Phix vape ? No the work is done on the vape and can’t come off.
Can I send you mine and have you work on it ? Not into that as yet.  

What you get. The vape unit. The charger. The cartridges refills are widely available locally and online. I don't as yet have a New York tobacco license and it's a real hassle to get one.

Shipping. FED EX.  US only. Adult signature required.
Shipping time 3 to 5 days to pack it and send it out.

Do I need to be 18 or in my state 21 ? Yes you do. I ship with an adult signature required. You will need to show ID. Please don’t try to game me I really don’t want to be selling these outside the law.

So if you ready to really up your vape game and flash a serious piece of functional art get in !


What if the unit breaks ? Glad you asked. These Phix units are pretty rugged but everything wears out. The great thing about these is that you can push out the old battery and unit and slip a new one in ! It takes maybe a minute.

Here's a couple videos of how to swap out the unit.

This one is better and includes lots of cuss words:

You can buy a new unit locally and I am going to keep a stock of units here at the studio in NYC. I can sell you one below retail at $22. I can ship that to you for $3. If you are really not handy you can send the Phix I made for you to me and I can replace it for you. Shipping back to you $3.


Can I put my own E-Juice in a Phix pod ?  Heck yeah ! That's really easy as well. I was able to use a few empty pods to refill.

Here is a video on how to do that.

Thanks so much. Blue Bayer. NYC

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