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1847 Walker Revolver with Spinning Barrel white bronze & sterling

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $70.00

This is a scale replica of the legendary American civil war era handgun. It was carefully carved in wax and lost wax cast here in NYC in white bronze or solid stering. It is about 2 1/2 inches long, 6cm.
The chamber actually spins which makes this piece pretty special. It's a great conversation starter.

This piece is also available cast in bronze.

This original exclusive design comes to you on an 18 to 24 inch silver chain. 

The Walker Colt was the largest and most powerful black powder repeating handgun ever made. It was created in the mid-1840s in a collaboration between Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker (1817-47) and American firearms inventor Samuel Colt (1814-62), building upon the earlier Colt Paterson design. Walker wanted a handgun that was extremely powerful at close range.

Samuel Walker carried two of his namesake revolvers in the Mexican–American War. Walker was a slight fellow, standing 5'4 and weighing 110 lbs. He served in the Seminole Wars in Florida later going West to the The Republic of Texas. He was killed in battle the same year that his famous handgun was invented, 1847, shortly after he had received them. Only 1100 of these guns were originally made, which makes originals extremely difficult and expensive to obtain. On October 9, 2008, one specimen that had been handed down from a Mexican War veteran sold at auction for US $920,000.

The Republic of Texas had been the major purchaser of the early Paterson Holster Pistol (No. 5 model), a five shot cal .36 revolver, and Samuel Walker became familiar with it during his service as a Texas Ranger. In 1847, Walker was engaged in the Mexican-American War as a captain in the United States Mounted Rifles. He approached Colt, requesting a large revolver to replace the single-shot Aston Johnson holster pistols then in use. The desired .44-.45 caliber revolver would be carried in saddle mounted holsters and would be large enough to dispatch horses as well as enemy soldiers. The Walker Colt was used in the Mexican-American War and on the Texas frontier.

Medical officer John "R.I.P" Ford took a special interest in the Walkers when they arrived at Vera Cruz. He obtained two examples for himself and is the primary source for information about their performance during the war and afterward. His observation that the revolver would carry as far and strike with the same or greater force than the .54 caliber Mississippi Rifle seems to have been based on a single observation of a Mexican soldier hit at a distance of well over one hundred yards. The Walker, unlike most succeeding martial pistols and revolvers, was a practical weapon out to about 100 yards.

For you real gun geeks here is an in depth video on the whole Walker story.

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