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Wisdom Tooth Cufflinks

by Blue Bayer Design
Price $200.00

Actual-size life-cast of a human wisdom teeth. I cast here in NYC, solder the sterling silver cuff link hardware to them and finish in my studio on The Lower East Side. 

So as you might imagine I meet all kinds of quirky people here on the interwebs. I tell my stories and I guess that opens the door. There are some of us who like to pick treasures up from the roadside or the desert. We are used to grossing people out, or being downright judged for it. We have road kill in the freezer anyway. I made a friend in Australia of the same ilk. She's a picker and collector of nature bits like me. She managed to somehow get her own actual wisdom teeth through the mail to me. My lady was shocked at the sight of the real teeth. The folks at the casting house were grossed out. Me and my Aussie friend... were psyched. I thought you might be too.

"Hey BillyBlue22, As a dentist in the Air Force, I was thrilled to see your casting of the wisdom tooth! From what the photo depicts, it appears to be the lower right wisdom tooth, #31 or #32. You know, you should become a dentist! We are taught to wax crowns, invest and cast them before polishing them up. You've already started down that path.....” LtCol (Dr.) Lori Everett

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